Programmer & Design

Tool Description:

This tool was inspered by the game Minecraft and the crafting system within that game. The tool was an implementation of the type of tools that I expect Mojang (Minecraft Developer) would have to facilitate designers to create items and recipes for the crafting system quickly and effectivly. This ment all items and recipes created with the tool would automatically work with the inventoory and crafting system in place.


2022 over 12 weeks

  • Toolset

  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Visual Studio
  • C++

Item Creation Tool

The item creation tool is used to create items by putting in the necessary data into the input parameters of the tool. Once the designer is happy with the inputed data, they can click create. This will create a data asset within the project content browser under the items folder. The data asset is then used by the item actor to turn the actyor into that item by only using the dat provided. A list of all the items can be seen on the left hand side of the tool. Each item can also be edited within the tool and this will change the data asset too. Once any item has been created, edited or if not all required dat is inputed the Tool Output Log will inform the user that the item was created, edited or needs futher dat to be created.

Recipe Creation Tool

The recipe creation tool is used to create recipes for the crafting system. It does this by displaying a crafting table much like the one the player will see when they interact with a crafting table. The displayed crafting table in the tool can have items draged onto it from the list of items on the left. Once the designer has given the recipe a name, filled in the crafting pattern of the item and populated the result item box, the recipe can be made by clicking the create button. similar to the item creation tool, recipes can be edited by click the recipes tab in the top left and clicking on the recipe.

Mechanics and Systems

Item Creation

The image on the left shows the logic flow of how the items are created when the designer has entered all the data into the item creation tool. On the create button clicked we first check that it is a valid item that has been inputed. if it is not we log out an error to the designer. If it is valid we then create the item within the content folder, clear all of the inputed data in the tool, refresh the item list so the new created item will show and finally log out to the desinger the item was created successfully.

Item Creation

The image on the right shows the way recipes are create using the tool. Simlar to how the items are created, this diagram begins when the designer has clicked the create button. The recipe is check if it is valid by making sure the result is not empty and items are in the crafting table it's self and has a valid name. If the recipe is not valid it will display an error to the designer. However, if the recipe is valid the recipe is created using the information populated in the tool and a debug log showing the recipe has been created is displayed to the designer.

Craftable Trailer & Demonstration

The video shows a demonstration on how the tool works, revealing the way both items and recipes are created. Once the items and recipes are created the trailer shows how the crafting and inventory system is then used from a players point of view. This displays how the sytems are working together so that items and recipes can be created easily for this system.