Tool Description:

This tool drew inspiration from the game Minecraft and its crafting system. It was developed as an implementation of the kind of tools one might envision Mojang (the developer of Minecraft) using to enable designers to efficiently and effectively create items and recipes for the crafting system. As a result, all items and recipes generated with this tool seamlessly integrated with the inventory and crafting system, ensuring their compatibility and functionality.








Unreal Engine 5, Rider, Visual Studio, C++

Tool Demonstration

Tool Systems

  • Item Tool

    The item creation tool simplifies the process of crafting items by allowing designers to input the necessary data into its parameters. Once satisfied with the provided data, designers can initiate the creation process by clicking the "Create" button. This action generates a data asset within the project's content browser, neatly organized under the "Items" folder.

    These data assets are then utilized by the item actor to transform the actor into the designated item, relying solely on the provided data. On the left-hand side of the tool, a comprehensive list of all created items is conveniently displayed. Each item can be effortlessly edited within the tool, subsequently updating the associated data asset.

    Furthermore, the Tool Output Log keeps users informed of every action taken—whether an item has been created, edited, or requires additional data to be finalized. This ensures a clear and efficient item creation process.

  • Recipe Tool

    The recipe creation tool is a utility designed for crafting recipes within the crafting system. Its interface mirrors the crafting table that players encounter when interacting with an in-game crafting table. Within the tool, designers can drag items from the list on the left and place them onto the displayed crafting table.

    To create a recipe, the designer assigns a name, defines the crafting pattern, and populates the result item box. Once this information is complete, the recipe can be generated by simply clicking the "Create" button. Similar to the item creation tool, recipes are also amenable to editing. Designers can access the recipe editor by clicking on the "Recipes" tab in the top left corner and selecting the desired recipe for modification.

  • Recipe & Item Creation

    When a designer has inputted all the required data into the item creation tool and clicks the "Create" button, we initiate a validation process. This validation checks if the entered data represents a valid item. If it does not meet the criteria, an error message is logged for the designer's reference.

    However, if the data is valid, we proceed to create the item within the content folder, preserving it for future use. Subsequently, we clear all the input data from the tool, refresh the item list to ensure visibility of the newly created item, and conclude by logging a confirmation message to inform the designer that the item has been successfully created.

    Just like the item creation process, when the designer clicks the "Create" button, the recipe undergoes validation. This validation entails confirming that the result is not empty, items are present within the crafting table, and the recipe bears a valid name. In the event the recipe does not meet these criteria, an error message is promptly displayed for the designer's attention.

    However, if the recipe is indeed valid, it is generated using the data entered into the tool. Subsequently, a debug log message is generated, informing the designer that the recipe has been successfully created.

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