About Me

After achieving a first-class degree in Computer Games Design and Programming, I wanted in enhance and refine my skills. I decided complete a Master’s degree at Staffordshire University in 3D Games. Due to my passion for games, in addition to completing my university work I have participated in many Games Jams. My involvement in Games Jams as given me unique experience in collaboration skills and I have managed to be apart of a team who have won a jam and a Jamfuser that came 3rd overall.

When I am not creating or playing games, I enjoy a wide variety of hobbies such as building and flying elite racing drones capable of speeds over 150 mph. These drones are flown using first person perspective goggles which give an incredible experience while flying. Having grown up in Devon nestled around Dartmoor, I enjoy hiking and camping. Twice I even partook in the Ten Tours challenge, walking and navigating 35 miles over Dartmoor in a day and a half.