Unreal Engine 5 C++ GAS Slate


  • Crash is a fighting game based on Super Smash Bros, the project also contains a Character Creation Tool
  • The project uses the Gameplay Ability System Framework in Unreal 5
  • The Character Creation Tool was developed to aid in streamlining the process of creating new characters for the game and remapping abilties to inputs
  • The tool was developed in Unreal's UI framework Slate
Unity C#


  • Hexx is a framework for procedurally generating a hexagonal tile based map
  • The framework implements all the features expected from a 4X world map
  • Hexagonal grid generation, biomes, environmental structures such as trees, a height variation, world wrap and genrated rivers
  • This was my undergraduate final year project
Unreal Engine 5 Blueprint

Arcane Annihilation

  • In Arcane Annihilation you face endless waves of zombies and use any means necessary to survive
  • I focused on creating a physics based movement system that was inspired by the character movement in Titianfall
  • The aim is to use the character movement and procedural weapons to defeat zombies
Unity C#


  • Acquisition is a game that was submitted by our team JawBite for a Jamfuser and was developed over 6 weeks, by a team of 3
  • I took a technical role creating mechanics and systems for the game
  • We came 3rd overall and the game was later showcased at Proto-Play.
  • Acquisition is a Rogue like boss rush game where the player must decide what weapon to use to kill diffrent bosses
Unreal Engine 5 Blueprint C++


  • The objective is to defeate the dangrous Elemental boss using one of the three elements (Fire, Earth, Ice)
  • The character was the main focus for this project, I developed a character movement system in C++ that allows the movement acceleration to be based on a curve
  • An ability system that reduces dependences and allows abilitys to be swaped, mofified and created easily using component base architecture
Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint C++


  • Craftable is a tool that is intended to help designers add recipes and items to a crafting system
  • The Crafting system is simlar to the one found in Minecraft
  • Items and recipes created by the tool will seamlessly work with the crafting and inventory system
Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint

Unstable Worms

  • Prototype based on the Team17 game Worms
  • Implements many of the features and mechanics found in Worms e.g. Inventory, Weapons, Turn System, AI and Procedural Map Generation
  • Detailed Technical Design Document where each mechanic has been described and the implmentation explained
Unreal Engine 5 Blueprint C++

Winning Run

  • The project is based on the orignal retro game Winning Run
  • The prototype has a sophisticated AI which is able to drive the cars around a track to compete against the player
  • The project implements design principles
C++ DirectX 11

Graphical & Physics Framework

  • A graphical and physics framework
  • Created using C++ and DirectX 11
  • Implement the basic fundamentals found in Game engines
Unreal Engine 5 Blueprint

Celestial Viking Invasion

  • This game was submited for the Wake-Up Games Jam in 2023. It was the winning entry
  • The time frame given was one week. My role was Lead Tech and I created many of the mechanics such as charcter, weapons and turrets
  • The players objective is to repel invading vikings who want to destroy your base. To do this the player uses weapons and turret defences
Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint

Brawl of Bots

  • Survive a small-scale arena with power-ups while being chased by your opponents
  • Overcome enemy sabotage attempts, environment hazards and traps within the level and be the last one standing to claim victory
  • This game was a colabrative project at university where I took a Lead Tech Role. I designed and implmented many of the systems within the game